Harpsichord Resources

Early Music Network – http://www.earlymusic.net/links/

Portal for professionals and enthusiasts of the harpsichord

Carey Beebe – an extensive harpsichord resource- http://www.hpschd.nu/­

Big Duck’s Harpsichord Miscellany –  http://www.bigduck.com/­harp1.html

HPSCHD-L – email discussion list devoted to early stringed keyboard instruments,
hosted by the University at Albany, USA http://www.albany.edu/­hpschd-l/­

International Societies

Les Amis du Clavecin- Belgiumhttp://www.amisduclavecin.be/­index.htm

Vlaamse Klavecimbel Vereniging-Belgium http://www.vlaamseklavecimbelvereniging.be/­

Claviers Baroques – Historical Keyboards – Upper Canada http://www.claviersbaroques.com

Estonian Harpsichord Society – Estonia http://www.klavessiin.kul.ee/en/

L’association Clavecin en France http://www.clavecin-en-france.org

Stichting Clavecimbel Genootschap – Nederland. http://www.scgn.org/­index.php

Asociación Amigos del Clavecín – Spain   http://clalsan.wix.com/amigos_clavecin

The Historical Keyboard Society of North America – USA http://historicalkeyboardsociety.org/

FIMTE- Studies in Spanish Keyboard Music http://www.fimte.org/#!store/ch6c

Related Societies

UK Societies & Organisations

The Handel House Museum.- http://www.handelhouse.org/­
The British Clavichord Society.- http://www.clavichord.org.uk/­Home.html
The Galpin Society.- http://www.galpinsociety.org/
National Centre for Early Music.- York. http://www.earlymusic.org.uk/­
NCEM list of early music artists and ensembles working across the UK –  www.ncem.co.uk/directory
National Early Music Association, NEMA.- http://www.earlymusic.info/nema.php
The Thomas Tomkins Society –  http://www.thomastomkins.org.uk/­
East Anglian Academy of Organ & Early Keyboard Music –  http://www.eastanglianacademy.org.uk/­

The Keyboard Charitable Trust – The Trust’s mission is to present artists internationally.
From London, artistic direction is given by Dr Leslie Howard & Dr Elena Vorotko (specialising
in historic instrumentalists) http://www.keyboardtrust.org/­

International Links

Les Festes de Thalie, (France) http://www.festesdethalie.org/­welcome.html
The American Musical Instrument Society, http://www.amis.org/­
Southern California Early Music Society, http://www.earlymusicla.org/­
Spanish Association of Early Music Groups –http://www.asociaciongema.com/

Early Music Fora

Border Marches Early Music Forum, http://www.bmemf.org.uk/­
Early Music Forum of Scotland, http://www.emfscotland.org.uk/
Eastern Early Music Forum, http://www.eemf.org.uk/­
Midlands Early Music Forum, http://www.memf.org.uk/­
North East Early Music Forum, http://www.neemf.org.uk/­
North West Early Music Forum, http://www.nwemf.org.uk/­
Southern Early Music Forum, http://www.semf.org.uk/­
South West Early Music Forum, http://www.swemf.org.uk/­
Thames Valley Early Music Forum, http://www.tvemf.org/­index.htm
Worcestershire Early Music, http://www.earlymusicworcs.org/index.htm

Early Music Festivals

Festivals in the Great Britain & Ireland

Worcestershire Early Music Festival (April) http://www.earlymusicworcs.org/events.htm
Beverley Early Music Festival (May) http://www.ncem.co.uk/?idno=229
London Festival of Baroque Music (May)   http://www.lfbm.org.uk/
Galway Early Music Festival (May) http://www.galwayearlymusic.com
Bristol Early Music Festival (May) http://bristolearlymusicfestival.uk
Leicester Early Music Festival, (May-June) http://www.earlymusicleicester.co.uk
Stour Festival of Early Music, East Kent (June) http://www.stourmusic.org.uk/­
York Early Music Festival (July) http://www.ncem.co.uk/?idno=228
Cambridge Early Music Festival (August) http://www.cambridgeearlymusic.org
East Cork Early Music Festival (Sept) http://www.eastcorkearlymusic.ie
Sligo Festival of Baroque Music. (Oct) http://www.sligobaroquefestival.com
Brighton Early Music Festival. (Oct/Nov) http://www.bremf.org.uk

International Festivals

Annual International Festival & Symposium on Spanish Keyboard Music – http://www.fimte.org
Boston Early Music Festival, USA – http://www.bemf.org/
Innsbruck Festival of Early Music, Austria –
Korkyra Baroque Festival, Croatia– http://www.korkyrabaroque.com/en/
Musica Antiqua Bruges in Bruges, Belgium– http://www.mafestival.be/EN/home
Utrecht Early music Festival, Netherlands– http://oudemuziek.nl/festival/

Journals & publications

‘Harpsichord & Fortepiano magazine’ http://www.hfmagazine.info

‘Early Music Today’  Rhinegold Publishing http://www.earlymusictoday.com/­

‘Early Music Performer’  http://www.earlymusic.info/nema.php
The journal of the National Early Music Association

‘Musica Antiqua’ – (‘The Messiah Magazine’ reincarnated) A quarterly Early Music magazine
published in UK. see http://www.musicaantiqua.co.uk/index.html

‘Early Music’- pub Oxford University Press http://www.oxfordjournals.org/our_journals/earlyj/about.html

Bibliography and Bookstore- Huge Resource of Books about the harpsichord –
brief descriptions and price guide. http://www.masterkit.com/musical/harpsichord.htm

Harpsichord books and related links http://www.geometry.net/­detail/­basic_h/­harpsichord_instruments.html

Books and articles by Ed Kottick http://www.kottick.com/­pubs.shtml

Publications by Grant O’Brien http://www.claviantica.com/­Publications.htm

Articles by John Collins on performance practice and about individual composers.

‘English Harpsichord Magazine’ Archive

See EHM Archive page