‘Sounding Board’ has been created to provide a channel for everyone with an interest in the Harpsichord to share their experiences, their ideas, and their knowledge. It gives everyone an opportunity to ask questions on a variety of topics including technique and repertoire, as well as on technical matters. Please keep sending in your contributions, large or small, serious or frivolous, the seemingly ordinary as well as any of an unusual nature. All contributions and comments welcome, please send to or to .

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  • ISSUE No. 16 – April 2021
    Guest Editor – Dr CHRISTOPHER D. LEWIS 

    ·   Recording at Home during Covid 19 – REBECCA PECHEFSKY
    ·   Celebrating Johann Christoph Friedrich Bach – COREY JAMASON
    ·   Summer School, Dartington 2021 – JANE CHAPMAN·  
    · Review; Zoji PAMELA NASH
    ·   Early Keyboard DuetsFRANCIS KNIGHTS
    ·   Musings on being a Harpsichordist without Gigs – JONATHAN SALZEDO
    ·   Me and my Harpsichord; a Romance in Three Acts – ANDREW WATSON
    ·   The Art of Illusion ANDREW WILSON-DICKSON
    ·   Real-time Continuo Collaboration BRADLEY LEHMAN
    ·   1960s a la 1760s PAUL AYRES
    ·   Project ‘Issoudun 1648-2023’ CLAVECIN EN FRANCE
    ·   John Donald Henry (1945 – 2020) – Nicholas Lane, friends & colleagues
    ·   Conferences, Competitions and Courses

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