‘The Harpsichord Owner’s Guide : A Manual for Buyers and Owners’ by Edward Kottick published by The University of North Carolina Press, P.O. Box 2288, Chapel Hill, NC 27515-2288, USA.  ISBN 0-8078-4388-1

‘The Manual of Musical Instrument Conservation’ by Stewart Pollens
Describes museum-based conservation techniques with practical instructions on the maintenance, repair, adjustment, and tuning of virtually every type of historical musical instrument.
ISBN: 9781107077805, 456pp, pub. Cambridge University Press  Cambridge University Press website

‘General Admonishments for Harpsichord Care’ by Robert Hicks­maintenance.html#m

Dowd Maintenance Manual.1981.pdf…/Dowd%20Maintenance%20Manual…

Hubbard Harpsichords-Technical articles on the care & repair of Harpsichords & click on ‘Technical Articles’

Stringing, Action adjustment & Voicing- illustrated articles by David Law­

‘William de Blaise: Harpsichords Maintenance Manual’- Reprint of the original maintenance manual for these 1960’s instruments. Available from­b/­biblio.html

A comprehensive Technical library­tech/­index.html

For Tools and Accessories see ‘Building a Harpsichord’ and the list of makers on the Acquiring page.

Tuning and Temperament

Temperament: A Beginner’s Guide by Stephen Bicknell,

A Clear and Practical Introduction to Temperament History, 1500-1850,

Understanding temperaments

Comprehensive Guide to Historical Temperaments,

’Unequal Temperaments: Theoty, History and Practice’-4th edition, by Claudio Di Veroli,

‘Tuning, Temperaments and Bells’ by Nigel Turner,

Pythagorean, Meantone, and Equal Temperament Musical Scales

‘The equal-beating temperaments : a handbook for tuning harpsichords and fortepianos, with tuning techniques and tables of fifteen historical temperaments’ by Owen Jorgensen. pub : Sunbury Press,

Werckmeister Temperament- click on ‘Tuning and Temperaments’,­Pages/­pag1engpaul.html

Software for a laptop to tune any instrument – over 150 temperaments,

Keyboard Temperament Calculator,(free spreadsheet),­~bpl/­temper.html

Practical temperament instructions by ear- Various temperaments including the “Bach/Lehman 1722”

Hear multiple historic keyboard temperaments in direct comparison on a CD called ‘Temperamental Bach’

Practical advice on tuning and temperaments,­tech/­tmp/­faq.html

Two ‘Well-Temperaments’ in use between 1750-1825.­edfoote/­index.html

UK Technicians and Tuners

Alba Musick -GLASGOW­instrument_hire.htm 

Colin Booth -WELLS


Robert Deegan -LANCASTER­services_hire.html



Simon Neal -OXFORD

Oliver Sandig -LONDON


Andrew Wooderson -LONDON/ KENT

See also the list of makers on the Acquiring page.