The BHS needs your help! 

The British Harpsichord Society is not in a position to pay anybody but voluntary help is highly valued. Our only source of income is from the small charge we make for displaying For Sale instruments on the website. This money is presently used to help defray the expense of maintaining this website.

In future we hope to organise more events and visits for our members. These will certainly take a lot of organising and may involve us in some costs. Members can, if they are kind enough to do so, help us not only financially but also in a variety of other ways…

Please volunteer – some small ways in which you can help:

  • Help with publicity – download, print and distribute our flyers at events or mention the British Harpsichord Society in programme notes
    Download (80KB PDF file)
  • Spread the word to all your contacts with an interest in the Harpsichord
  • Publicise our For Sale & Wanted page – very reasonable rates and available to non-members alike
  • Send us harpsichord images (please make sure that these are non-copyright or have the express permission of the copyright holder) JPEG format, max. file size 75KB
  • Gather information about concerts & recitals that feature the harpsichord, and send to our Diary Secretary -c/o
  • Let us know of professional harpsichord teachers in your area, but please make sure that you have their permission
  • Keep us informed of Harpsichord Workshops, Masterclasses & short courses taking place in your area. Also of any Harpsichord courses at your local Adult Learning Centre –
  • Organise informal listening/ discussion groups in your area (we will contact local members on your behalf)
  • Make suggestions for the website, advise us of any other relevant harpsichord information and resources –
  • Suggest additional Web Links, and advise us when existing ones we show no longer function –
  • If appropriate, please add a link to the BHS on your own website

We are always grateful to receive your feedback, your suggestions and your kind offers. Please use the links shown above or those listed on the Contacts page.