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Buying and Choosing

Buying a Harpsichord by Trevor Pinnock
Part 1 –
Part 2 –

‘Buyers Guide’ by harpsichordist Sophie Yates   ( NB, last updated 2009)

Hints for Choosing a Harpsichord by Larry Palmer – 

UK Makers

Peter Barnes –
Colin Booth –
Guill Clark –
Robert Deegan –
Dolmetsch –­ourharpsichords.htm
Daniel Flew –
Andrew Garlick –
Alan Gotto –­agotto
William Hendry –
Michael Johnson –
Darryl Martin –
William Mitchell –
Robert Morley –
The Music Room Workshop –
Stephen Robinson Spinets –­
Malcolm Rose –
Huw Saunders –
Andrew Wooderson –

The Future – Recruiting and training the next generation of harpsichord, clavichord and fortepiano technicians and makers, is now reaching crisis point. A document has been compiled to encourage and help anyone who might be considering a future career in this field. It is a pdf file which also includes links to a number of relevant websites. To open please click on Guide-to-training-resources


Alba Musick –­instrument_hire.htm
Bexley Harpsichords Ltd –
Cambridge Harpsichords
Colin Booth –
Robert Deegan –­services_hire.html
London Harpsichords-
Simon Neal –
Malcolm Rose –
William Hendry –

Second Hand

British Harpsichord Society –   Sale & Wanted

Peter Barnes –­

Early Music Shop –­uia/­uiastart.html

Keyboard Instruments from Laurie Leigh Antiques, Stow-in-the-Wold­pages/­keyboardinstruments.html

Musical Instrument Sales -Harpsichords, Spinets­harpscord.html

The Music Room Workshop –

Andrew Wooderson –

International Sources

Harpsichord Clearing House –
World Wide Keyboard Bank –
Instruments available in Australia –­ilist.html
For further information about second-hand instruments abroad, contact the relevant societies listed below under International Links

Building a Harpsichord

This section lists suppliers of Harpsichords in Kit form, accounts of Building harpsichords from scratch, availability of Technical drawings of historic instruments & sources of various materials and accessories.

Hubbard Harpsichords in Kit form.­kits/­kits.htm
Also plans of historic instruments

Zuckerman Harpsichords- Kits­instr/­index2.shtml

Early Music Shop, various instruments in kit form.

‘Making a Spinet by Traditional Methods’ John Barnes, pp53 Published by
Mac & Me Ltd, Welwyn, Herts, AL6 9EU

Detailed Account of building an Italian Virginals from scratch,­blue/­virginal/­

Harpsichord-making woods for sale:­Wood_files/­Wood.htm

Parchment roses

Hand-made Ruckers papers in a variety of styles­Ruckers_papers.htm

Harpsichord papers ‘Les Papiers de Bussy

Wooden jacks for Zuckerman, Hubbard etc

Supplies and Parts for historical keyboard instruments, flap hinges, tuning pins, wound strings,
spare strings, hooks etc

Marc Vogel, supplies tuners, parts, strings, tools etc

‘The Instrument Workshop’ offers supplies, parts, tools and written instructions for owners and builders of harpsichords and other similar instruments.

Suppliers of high quality bone, ancient mammoth ivory and pre-ban ivory key tops suitable for harpsichords.

Suppliers of bone key

Traditional Brassware for Early Keyboard Instruments, David Law

Harpsichord Painter, examples of various styles & designs,­

Three useful booklets by Peter & Ann Mactaggart, pub. Mac & Me Ltd. Welwyn, Herts, AL6 9EU
Laying & Decorating Flemish Papers.
Painting & Marbling Harpsichord Cases.
Practical Gilding.   Re-prints available from­b/­biblio.html

Latin Mottos,­mottos.html

Technical Drawings

Plans of Harpsichords & Virginals from ‘The Instrument Workshop’.­plans.htm

Technical Drawings of Musical Instruments in Public Collections of the World

List of drawings published by the 26 museums and collections which have participated in the project to microfilm technical drawings of musical instruments, organised by Hague Gemeentemuseum, Netherlands,

Details of the Technical Drawings of Historic Keyboard Instruments that are available from the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.
PDF Download (14kb – small)

‘Museum’ type plans of various historic instruments

Plans and photographs of several instruments available from Hubbard Harpsichords; including  Ruckers 1640, Johanne de Perticus  1681 & 1684, R.K.Lee’s drawing of Harpsichord/Clavicytherium 1752, Blanchet-double 1765,  J.P.Bull of Antwerp-double 1778 and Hemsch double 1756

Technical Drawings of  Harpsichords by Andreas Ruckers, Antwerp 1644 and by Ioannes Daniel Dulcken, Antwerp 1747 obtainable from the Museum Vleeshuis, Antwerp.

Full-scale drawings of a ‘French’ Ruckers Harpsichord, a Ruckers spinet virginal, a Venetian Polygonal virginal c1565, & a Neapolitan single-manual harpsichord c.1630, together with appropriate stands and decorative schemes.­Drawing_files/­Drawings.htm

A Technical drawing of the single-manual harpsichord built in Venice by Alessandro Trasuntino and dated 1531, can be purchased from the Museum of Music at the Royal College of Music in London.  Please contact  or 0207 591 4842

St. Cecilia’s Hall Edinburgh Full size technical drawings of keyboard Instruments

Links to International  Makers 

List of European Makers­l/­links-12.html

List of non-European makers­l/­links-11.html

List of Builders- Worldwide­rjohn/­KeyboardLinks.htm

Atelier Arpeggio, Harpsichord Workshop- Belgium­

Harpsichord Makers established in France-­spip.php?article20

Le Clavecin J-P Rouaud. Makers- France­clavecins-rouaud/­index.jhtml

The Paris Workshop- France

Denzil Wraight, Maker Italian Keyboard Instruments – Germany

Maker Keyboard Instruments – Italy­clavicembali/­en/­presentation

Brighenti Harpsichords, Parma – Italy­en/­index.html

Sebastiano Calì, Catania- Sicily­

Carey Beebe – maker and technician- Australia­

Claviers Baroques – builders and technicians – Canada­index.html

Craig Tomlinson, Maker, West Vancouver B.C.- Canada

Maker Keyboard Instruments – USA­