English virginals after the so-called ‘Queen Elizabeth Virginals’ by Giovanni Baffo, Venice, 1594 (Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Museum no. 19-1887) made by David Evans in 2000. See article in ‘Sounding Board’  Issue No 13, just published

The British Harpsichord Society promotes awareness, enjoyment, study, playing and ownership of harpsichords and related plucked keyboard instruments (such as the spinet and virginals) in Britain. Our aim is to create more public awareness and encourage more people to enjoy and play the harpsichord.

We regularly send out to our worldwide membership our E-magazine, Sounding Board;
this is your magazine and a chance to share your knowledge and experience of the fascinating world of the harpsichord, whatever and wherever that may be.

We compile a diary each month for our UK members; you can plan your concert-going with details of recitals and events featuring the Harpsichord that will take place throughout the British Isles during the forthcoming months.

We encourage members to promote and support events locally. We can, and with permission of all parties, help you share your enthusiasm and make contact with others in your area, to teach, share, listen and/or to learn from each other.

We arrange monthly recitals, and other events on occasional Saturdays, in Handel’s house, now Handel & Hendrix in London at Brook Street, London W1.

Our membership has grown to more than 1600 and is entirely FREE and open to anyone with an interest in the instrument, amateur and professional alike, be it as a listener, a player, a teacher, a builder or as a collector. All are welcome.

You will find more about these activities, and related matters by exploring the headings on the left. We are always grateful for your feedback, suggestions, your literary contributions and your offers of help. To get in touch, please go to the Contact Us page where you will find the appropriate links.