Sounding Board Issue 9

ISSUE No. 9 – August 2015


  • The Historical Keyboard Society of North America’s 4th Annual Meeting in Montreal- JOYCE LINDORFF
  • The 2015 Aliénor Competition- REBECCA PECHEFSKY
  • Brandywine Baroque’s Harpsichord Heaven- VIVIAN MONTGOMERY & KAREN FLINT
  • Shadow Journey: the new British Harpsichord Society recording- PAMELA NASH
  • Annelie de Man: a reflection- PAMELA NASH
  • Prix Annelie de Man: a brief view- PAMELA NASH
  • Composing and Performing New Harpsichord Music- GRAHAM LYNCH & ASSI KARTTUNEN
  • Sound Heritage- VIVIAN MONTGOMERY & Professor JEANICE BROOKS
  • Prelude to the Sound Heritage project- KATRINA FAULDS and PENELOPE CAVE
  • Announcements- Harpsichord Competitions, Short Courses and a Master Class,

Two harpsichord related Books and finally some Questions for you.

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Sounding Board Issue 8

ISSUE No. 8 – January 2014
Guest Editor – NAOMI OKUDA


  • The BHS Competition Finals Concert, July 27th- PAMELA NASH
  • Musical Instruments in a Hostile climate- AKIO OBUCHI
  • Eastern Promise- Touring with Melvyn Tan- SIMON NEAL
  • The experiences of a Harpsichord player in Japan- MITZI MEYERSON
  • Looking for a Harpsichord from afar- MASUMI YAMAMOTO
  • Vermeer and Music;
    the Realised dream of a music iconographer- SHIGEYUKI KOIDE
  • Miracle in the Far East- MOXAM KAYANO
  • Part 1, Harpsichords in the City of Music, and in Part 2, a closer look at the 1646 Italian Harpsichord- ANDREW WOODERSON
  • Making new Jacks using a 3-D printer- MALCOLM MESSITER
  • ‘News’ and ‘Your Letters’

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Sounding Board Issue 7

ISSUE No. 7 – June 2013
Guest Editor – JANE CHAPMAN


  • The 10th Anniversary Composition Competition- PAMELA NASH
  • The Harpsichord music of Sister Caecile- ANDREW WOOLLEY
  • Painting Music-Soundboard decoration- CATHERINE PECK
  • An Introduction to the ‘Oriental Miscellany’- JANE CHAPMAN
  • Lateral thinking for Harpsichordists- JANE CLARK
  • The Museum of Instruments at the RCM- JENNY NEX
  • Learning the harpsichord in France, part 2- HÉLÈNE DIOT
  • Michael Thomas & the Bate Collection- DAVID MILLARD
  • A BHS visit to Cambridge- NICHOLAS NEWTON
  • Sound and Visionary- Louis Bertrand Castel- DEREK CONNON
  • Celebrating the 85th birthday of Zuzana Růžičková- PAMELA NASH
    and sadly-
  • Obituaries for Mary Mobbs, Stephen Dodgson and Rafael Puyana

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Sounding Board Issue 6

ISSUE No. 6 – September 2012


  • Come and Play- inspiring the next generation- LORRAINE LIYANAGE
  • Review-Leonardo Leo, Le Composizioni Per Tastiera- PENELOPE CAVE
  • Pointers in Puglia- a harpsichord study week- ANGELA GILLON
  • For the Record- tips from a recording Engineer- JOHN BUCKMAN
  • Sweet Serendipity,
    The Living Keyboard exhibition in Nice- PHILIP THOMPSON
  • Learning the Harpsichord in France, part 1- HÉLÈNE DIOT
  • Obituary: Helena Brown 1948- 2012- a tribute by Penelope Cave
  • Recording on old instruments at Westwood Manor- SOPHIE YATES
  • A harpsichord with attitude—an Iberian fake- PENELOPE CAVE

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Sounding Board Issue 5

ISSUE No. 5 – January 2012
‘What is the future of Harpsichord Building?’


  • News and Letters
  • Repairing a Baldwin Electric Harpsichord- EDMUND HANDY
  • Closing the Theeuws circle- MALCOLM ROSE
  • Music for Four Hands- MASUMI YAMAMOTO
  • First Early Keyboard Conference in Edinburgh- ANDREW WOOLLEY
  • The perils of playing historical instruments- LAURA TIVENDALE
  • Where are all the young builders?- SIMON NEAL
  • What’s the future of instrument making?- DAVID LAW
  • Copying historical instruments- ANDREW WOODERSON
  • Early Music Pioneers Archive

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Sounding Board Issue 4

ISSUE No. 4 – May 2011
Guest Editor – KATHARINE MAY


  • Recollections of an Inspiring Teacher- KATHARINE MAY
  • Stephen Dodgson’s ‘Duo Concertante’- PAMELA NASH
  • New findings on the possible origins of the Scarlatti Sonatas in
    Münster: The role of Antonino Reggio- ANTHONY HART
  • Honouring Virginia Pleasants on her Centenary!- Dr. JOYCE LINDORF
  • The Flemish Harpsichord Society- LUDMILA TSCHAKALOVA
  • Trevor Beckerleg remembered- WILLIAM MITCHELL
  • Review of Colin Booth’s new book- PENELOPE CAVE
  • The Harpsichord U.A.V…an ingenious invention- MALCOLM MESSITER
  • Taskin’s scalings & Stringings revisited- Dr CLAUDIO DI VEROLI
  • Your Letters….and some of your Enquiries
    ..and finally the BHS Cake…………a Recipe!

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Sounding Board Issue 3

ISSUE No. 3 – November 2010
Guest Editor – PENELOPE CAVE


  • Reading between the Lines,
    Couperin’s L’Art de toucher le clavecin- PENELOPE CAVE
  • ‘Whence comes this strange language?’- an attempt to
    understand the ‘character’ of Couperin’s Portraits- JANE CLARK
  • Writing Harpsichord Music Today- RAYMOND HEAD
  • We live in such fortunate times…- HELENA BROWN
  • The Gift of Music- Professor BARRY IFE
  • The BHS & BCS visit Christopher Hogwood’s Collection of
    historic instruments in Cambridge- Dr. MICAELA SCHMITZ
  • Historical Keyboard Instruments- the Vocal Ideal
    and other Historical Questions- PAUL Y. IRVIN
  • An Organ for the Sultan- MICHAEL ACKERMAN
    and finally
  • Your Queries and Questions…..hopefully answered

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Sounding Board Issue 2

ISSUE No. 2 – June 2010


  • Modifying Modern Dampers for Historical Benefits- PAUL Y. IRVIN
  • Mystery, Beauty & Splendour, The Harpsichords of Vincent Tiabut- STEFAN CLAESSENS
  • The Harpsichord on the Minden Altarpiece (1425) & painting of a Clavicytherium by Geertgen Tot Sint Jans, born c1460/1465- ARNOLD DEN TEULING
  • The Harpsichord, an Important Part of the Musical History of Brasil- OLIVER SEEGER
  • HRH Stabs Kirkman!- PETER MOLE
    And finally…
  • A Special Birthday Cake for BHS Member CATHERINE ATTWOOD

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Sounding Board Issue 1

ISSUE No. 1 – January 2010
Guest Editor – PAMELA NASH


  • Multiplier, Contemporary works for two harpsichords- PAMELA NASH
  • Alec Hodson 1900-1986, an early maker and pioneer- MICHAEL ACKERMAN
  • ‘New’ Baroque Harpsichord Music- GRANT COLBURN
  • After reading Glenn Modrak’s account (Jan.’08), a Member from Northampton reflects on his own experiences in building a Spinet- DAVID HACKETT
  • Problem solving during the making of a Harpsichord- IRVIN PHILLIPS
  • Harpsichordists at the Chateau Du Mont, in Normandy- JUDY ACTON

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