English Harpsichord Magazine eh

The English Harpsichord Magazine was published for a number of years in the seventies and eighties, and contained a number of articles, which although written some thirty years ago, remain of interest today.

Our thanks go to Edgar Hunt, the Editor and Publisher of the Magazine for his agreement to reproduce the articles here. Also to Robert Blackstone for the original suggestion of creating the archive here and the loan of his collection of EHM. Without their help this project would not have been possible.

Please note that these articles are the originals, unless an update is indicated, and may not accurately represent current knowledge or views of the author.

EHM Volume 1

“An Interview with George Malcolm CBE” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)
“Early English Harpsichord Building A Reassessment” Thomas McGeary Download (PDF)
“The Broadwood Books” Charles Mould Download Download (PDF)

“An Interview with Gustav Leonhardt” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)

“An Interview with Kenneth Gilbert” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)
“The English Virginals” Richard Luckett Download (PDF)
“Early French Harpsichords” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)

“Frank Hubbard Interviewed” Tom McGeary Download (PDF)
“Venetian Harpsichords” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)
“Incy Wincy Spider” Maria Boxall Download (PDF)

“An Interview with Ruth Dyson” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)
“The Archicembalo of Nicola Vincentino” Marco Tiella Download (PDF)
“Elementary Harpsichord Technique” Roy Truby Download (PDF)
“The Development of the Tuning and Tone Colour of an Instrument Made in Venice about 1500” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)

“The Wearing Properties of Harpsichord Plectra” M R Levoi & R P Williams Download (PDF)

“The Harpsichord at the Courtauld Institute” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)
“Tuning and Temperament” Edgar Hunt (1.5Mb) Download (PDF)

“The Claviorganum in England” Stephen Wessel Download (PDF)
“Inscriptions on Harpsichords” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)
“The Performer’s Approach to Scarlatti.” Richard Lester Download (PDF)

EHM Volume 2

“Thoughts on Scarlatti’s Essercizi.” Richard Lester No.1 Download (PDF)
“My Lady Nevell’s Book, and Old Fingerings” Ton Koopman Download (PDF)
“Tuning Systems for 12 Note Keyboard Instruments” Mark Lindley Download (PDF)
“Maria Boxall Interviewed.” David Lasocki Download (PDF)
“Carlton-Rose Duet” Download (PDF)

“An Octave Harpsichord at the Instrumental Museum – Lisbon.” L A Esteves Pereira Download (PDF)
“Was Bach a Mathematician?” Herbert Anton Kellner Download (PDF)
“A Harpsichord from Switzerland” Will Bruggmann Download (PDF)

“Bach and the German Clavier” D E Dodge Download (PDF)
“Thoughts on the Restoration of Harpsichords” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)

“The Upright Harpsichord” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)

“The Pleyel Harpsichord” J A Richard Download (PDF)
“The Identity of Bach’s Clavier” D E Dodge Download (PDF)
“Master Brian, His Virginall (Theewes)” Brian Morgan Download (PDF)
“Corrette on Stringing & Tuning” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)

“Das Wohltemperierte Clavier – Tuning & Musical Structure” Herbert Anton Kellner Download (PDF)

“Harpsichords Which Have Been Found Recently in France” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)

“The Mathematical Architecture of Bach’s Goldberg Variations” Herbert Anton Kellner Download (PDF)
“The Harpsichord Master of 1697” Maria Boxall Download (PDF)
“A Harpsichord Odyssey – 1” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)

EHM Volume 3

“A Harpsichord Odyssey – 1” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)
“Telemann’s Harpsichord Music” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)
“The Haward Harpsichord at Knole” Dennis Woolley Download (PDF)

“Early Eighteenth-Century English Harpsichord Tuning and Stringing” Thomas McGeary Download (PDF)

“Recent Harpsichord Restorations 1” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)
“The Musical Mechanisms of Arnaut of Zwolle” John Lester Download (PDF)

“Ammerbach’s 1583 Exercises” Mark Lindley Download (PDF)
“Recent Harpsichord Restorations 2” Michael Thomas Download (PDF)

“The Position of Grace Signs in MS. Sources of English Virginal Music ” Desmond Hunter Download (PDF)
“On choosing a Harpsichord ” Edgar Hunt Download (PDF)
“Harpsichord Building – PREPARING THE ACTION FOR VOICING ” Dave Law Download (PDF)

“Harpsichords..with all the different sizd wire used in that instrument (1) ” J.J.K.Rhodes and W.R.Thomas Download (PDF)
“An Early Clavycytherium Reconstructed ” Peter Bavington Download (PDF)